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Property investors turn to fractional real estate

Property frontiers, a uk-based property investment specialist, says that two-thirds of its overseas investors have recently expressed interest in fractional ownership opportunities.

the company's economic analyst aidan rankin (pictured) says: “we believe that the changes in the property market are profound and part of a wider economic trend that is likely to be long-term or even permanent. instead of pessimism, we should embrace these changes creatively and learn to think about the property market from many angles.”

“there are signs that this is already happening,” he continues. “for example, 65% of our overseas investors this year have expressed interest in fractional investments – whether that means fractional ownership, as in our luxury development at bacolet bay, grenada or commodities such as bamboo and sandalwood. property in the uk is also of interest – fractional ownership of student halls is proving popular with investors and this is a market that is not going to go away, whatever the con-dem coalition does with fees and graduate taxes. people are starting to think laterally about the property market and look in unexpected places – both in terms of geography and type of product. the 65% figure looking at alternative investments is almost double last year’s, showing that the property market is reinventing itself or shape-shifting in ways that are varied and (in the best sense of the word) interesting.”

source: http://www.fractionallife.com/