Secret Hill, North Cyprus

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Your investment returns Take Priority

Having worked with lifestyle and residential property in North Cyprus, members of the asset management team were fully aware how beautiful the country was and what it had to offer to holidaymakers. Wanting to share this experience with their young family and grandparents, they were disappointed at the choice and standard of hotel accommodation that would suit their group’s needs. The Casino hotels generally lacked a sandy beach and activities, and felt too formal for younger children; yet the beach hotels felt like soul-less giants.

So through our passion to give other families and travelers the chance to enjoy this amazing part of the world, the concept for Secret Hills Resort was born!

The hotel and tourism sector can represent an outstanding opportunity for investment, but with some hotel investments in the market, the investment structure and business model can leave the investor disadvantaged and vulnerable.

From here our team identified the need in the market for an interesting and dynamic investment product, with a transparent and robust business model in a marketplace with genuine longevity.

We don’t just see our investors as a source of funds, but respect you as our partners, and more importantly have created a legal structure where your investment returns take priority.

If you are considering an investment into property or commercial enterprise, you should read on to find out more about the developments building in the North Cyprus hotel sector…

There is a distinct gap in the North Cyprus hotel market for good quality family holidays and activity holidays, and Secret Hills Hotel & Spa Resort is designed to fill that gap. The Resort is located in an ideal position to give access to facilities including beaches, the spectacular countryside and mountains, many historical sites and the Karpaz Peninsular.

Due to the beautiful climate on the island and the wide range of facilities the Resort will offer, both indoor and outdoor, strong occupancy rates are highly achievable for much of the year. The style, size and flexibility of the accommodation will command strong room rates, which along with food and beverage supply will all serve to boost profits and priority dividend income for investors.

Investment is made through the ownership of Shares in the Hotel Resort Company itself. So investors will benefit from the Capital Growth in the business value and also from dividends generated by the business’ profits. This dividend income will come from the room rental rates and in addition to this (unlike some other property investments on the market), you will profit from all other sources of income that the resort can generate, such as; food and beverage, shops, spa, excursions and so on.

Share prices will rise throughout the build period, giving greater reward for early investors. All prices are in £ Sterling, avoiding any currency exchange issues and costs for the investor.

The investment is structured through a Private Limited Company in the Isle of Man, and as such gives great potential tax advantages. Being a British Crown dependency this provides added security as a low-taxed financial centre versus “tax havens” further afield. As an Investor in Secret Hills (IoM) Ltd, you will benefit from priority dividends. In the event of a sale of the Resort business, investor shareholders also receive their Capital return ahead of others.