A business cannot be successful unless people know about it. Most people do not seek out a particular business if there are many others like it which are more visible. In all they will deal with companies that they are familiar with.

Participating at trade shows is a particularly effective method of promoting a business and achieving recognition. As this type of representation would present a good opportunity for your business and or product to be promoted to a receptive audience.

We attend major property exhibitions around the world and that gives us the opportunity to present your business/project at a single show or at multiple shows at huge discounts to the normal cost of attending.

  • You have leaflets designed, printed and distributed.
  • You can have one salesperson to represent your project.
  • After the show you receive the details of all prospective buyers of your project.

Price for representation at a single show can be as little as £500, with discounts for multiple shows.

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