The most Expensive Homes in the World in 2016

What defines a rich person nowadays and how does she display their privileged status? Obviously, the expensive clothing accessories, various unique articles, a car park populated by extravagant exhibits, private plane, yacht vacations in exotic places and more. But perhaps the most emblematic and sustainable element that gives dimension to the financial possibilities of a man is his property. And, as the world is full of records, there is of course a classification of the most expensive homes in the world … which could hardly be called houses.

It’s time to look back on the biggest purchases from last year, which saw record prices well into the nine figures for some of the most lavish properties around.

Known as the ‘one billion yuan luxury home’ due to its price tag in local currency, the house set a record in mainland China after hitting the market for a cool $154million (£126million).

The home is even being marketed under the heading ‘Taohuayuan,’ which means ‘utopia’ in Mandarin.

While the home is a record for mainland China, it still falls short of a luxury property in Hong Kong that was sold last year for $270million (£221million).

1. A luxury residential home in the exclusive Peak district of Hong Kong (seen above) sold for $270million (£221million) in 2016

2.In Texas, Beal Bank founder Andrew Beal shelled out $100million (£82million) for a 28,000-square foot mansion (above) in Dallas

3. The Crespi Hicks Estate, which sits on 25 acres, has seven bedrooms and numerous bathrooms as well as 14-foot-high ceilings

4.The Crespi Hicks estate was once owned by Tom Hicks, the prominent Dallas businessman and former owner of local sports teams like the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars as well as English Premier League side Liverpool FC

5.Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores paid $100million (£82million) for a 30,000-square-foot property in exclusive Holmby Hills (above)

6.The house at 301 North Carolwood Drive (above) was once home to the estate of singer Barbra Streisand

7.The home, which is across the street from Frank Sinatra’s former pad, consists of 10 bedrooms and 20 full baths spanning 38,000 square feet

8.The property comes equipped with an entertainment pad. It boasts of a lounge, theater complex, wine room, and separate valet entrance

9.As if that weren’t enough, it has a 5,300-square-foot master suite with a private covered patio

10.  Hugh Hefner originally asked for $200million (£164million) for his prized Playboy Mansion (above), but he had to settle for a measly $100million (£82million)

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